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Christie + Co has provided valuable advice to clients within our specialist sectors for over 75 years. The business was established in London in 1935 and has successfully expanded to provide professional brokerage and advisory services throughout the UK and across Europe. Our business specialists now operate from our extensive network of offices across the UK, Austria, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Poland and Spain.


Accuracy, patience, attention to detail, confidentiality and professionalism are some of the qualities and abilities we demand from all our agents and advisers. Quality of service and frequency of communication are of the utmost importance to us. We are dedicated to providing our clients with measured advice and supportive guidance throughout the process to meet their individual requirements. Importantly, we are RICS accredited which means you can take confidence in our professionalism and know that we work to the highest quality standards.


We're the leading specialists in each of our sectors, both nationally and locally. As well as our extensive experience and unrivalled client database, we use our unique business intelligence to help our clients stay one step ahead at every stage of the process.

That's why we're the biggest and best name in the business and why you get such an edge with Christie + Co.


We work closely with our associate companies, Christie Finance and Christie Insurance, which provide tailored and comprehensive funding and insurance packages for our clients. Both businesses only provide services for the sectors we operate in, so they will understand your needs.


If you're a confident and ambitious individual, preferably with relevant property experience, you might be interested in becoming a Christie + Co agent or valuer. We are also keen to talk to graduates who are interested in working as trainees - being part of a career development programme and getting vital hands on experience.

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