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Christie + Co is a member of Christie Group plc. Christie Group offers a portfolio of professional business services for the leisure, retail and care sectors. These include surveying, valuation, agency, consultancy, finance, insurance, stock control and business software solutions.

Christie Group's focus on a limited number of sectors gives it an unrivalled market awareness in each of these areas. The results: a greater understanding of its clients’ operations and a heightened ability to help them improve efficiency, enhance trading profits and increase the value of their businesses.

In these ways, and through its innovative use of technology, Christie Group has built a reputation for making a significant contribution to its clients’ commercial success.

Christie Group Christie Finance Vennersys
Orridge Christie Insurance Venners

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Licensed stocktaking

Venners, the UK's leading stocktaking company in the hopsitality sector

Retail stocktaking

Orridge, Europe's longest established retail stocktaking business


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