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Why the CEE hotel investment market is booming

Lukas Hochedlinger, Managing Director Germany, Austria and CEE talks about why the Central and Eastern Europe investment markets are on the upswing.

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Successful destinations Management: Balearic Islands

How it couldn’t be otherwise, Christie & Co did not want to miss the conference about Successful Destinations Management organised by Hosteltur on Friday October the 28th in Palma de Majorca.

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What's in a brand? Hotel brand switching, repositioning and re-flagging

As an investor, choosing the right brand to represent and drive your business is one of the most important choices you have to make - unless of course you choose to operate without. Equally critical however is the choice the brand owner makes over the suitability of your particular property or location.

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Don't be afraid of dwindling Chinese investment

Joanne Jia, Head of Investment (Asia) explains why the UK hotel market shouldn’t be afraid of dwindling Chinese investment.

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Investigating Asian interest in Hotels

Christie & Co's Head of Investment - Asia talks about her experience at the China Hotel Forum

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