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Childcare & Education5/6/2020

COVID-19: Procedures - Guidance for Early Years Settings

COVID-19: Procedures - Guidance for Early Years Settings

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Childcare & Education4/22/2020

Covid-19: Impact on the UK Child Centric Sectors

The Covid-19 pandemic is affecting millions of people around the globe on a daily basis, and is increasingly impacting the local domestic, national and indeed the global economy.

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Covid-19: Impact on Property Valuations

The Coronavirus has undoubtably changed the lives of every person in the United Kingdom and the challenges caused by the pandemic to the property sector, specifically valuation services, may impact on the market for some time to come.

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Fairy lights and sparkle show support for care workers in charity appeal

On Monday 13 April, people across the UK will add glitter to their outfits, switch on fairy lights and put tinsel in their windows to show support for frontline care workers and the part that they are playing in tackling Covid-19.

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Covid-19: Impact on the Convenience Retail and Petrol Station sectors

The global outbreak of COVID-19 has brought the retail sector to the forefront of the nation’s minds with frequent stories of empty shelves and stockpiling but also heart-warming stories of a sector doing everything possible to assist their local communities.

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Dental Practices3/24/2020

Covid-19: Impact on the Dental Sector

Paul Graham, Director (Head of Dental) at Christie & Co, looks at how the coronavirus pandemic is impacting the dental sector at the moment, and what this means if you’re looking to buy or sell your practice in this current climate.

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Covid-19: Guidance for hotels

The global outbreak of COVID-19 and the various travel bans, temporary border closures and advice to restrict the size of gatherings imposed by governments around the world to combat the spread of the virus are currently taking a toll on the tourism industry.

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Childcare & Education3/20/2020

Government provides further COVID-19 guidance to childcare providers

Late yesterday (19th March) the Government issued further guidance for parents, schools, nurseries and independent schools regarding their initial announcement on Wednesday (17th March) that schools would close from Friday to further limit the spread of COVID-19.

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Covid-19: Impact on the Pubs & Restaurants Sector

The outbreak of COVID-19 poses a substantial threat to both businesses and employees within the hospitality sector.

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Dental Practices3/17/2020

Christie & Co sponsor Pro Conference Dental Event

Christie & Co was proud to continue our ongoing relationship with Professional Conferences, in supporting their recent Pro Conference Dental event at The Hilton, Watford.

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