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Childcare & Education12/11/2018

Local economy boost and more opportunities following removal of the Severn Bridge tolls

Having effective and strong infrastructure is key to the success of an economy in any region and since opening in 1996, the Severn Bridge has been a critical part of infrastructure in South Wales, having a profound impact on the economy at both a local and national level.

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Childcare & Education12/3/2018

International pupils in British independent schools – A global outlook

The prestige associated with British education continues to resonate across the globe and has long drawn international students to study in British independent education establishments. Due to their academic quality, steeped history and prestige, and because of the ‘Harry Potter’ effect, international pupils have been drawn to the UK and have had an important effect on independent schools in recent years.

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Dental Practices11/20/2018

Christie & Co attends inaugural European Dental Forum

We attended the inaugural European Dental Forum last week. Held in Barcelona, it was predominantly a networking event between European dental groups and suppliers, although it was interesting that a number of UK ‘mid-sized’ dental companies attended.

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Childcare & Education11/13/2018

Cross party support for private partner childcare providers in Scotland

Back in June we asked the question, “Has the Scottish nursery sector reached a crisis point?”, so what has happened since and what is the current landscape of the sector?

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Childcare & Education11/7/2018

Foster care and children's home provision needs support to meet children's services demands

Yesterday the Association of Directors of Children's Services released a report looking at the number of vulnerable children in need of protection, pushing children’s council services across England toward a reported crisis.

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Funding continues to challenge the care sector

The news announced yesterday regarding the future of Allied Healthcare is a blow to the sector and serves to highlight the very real issue the entire care sector faces in regards to local authority funding.

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Childcare & Education11/5/2018

Independent schools and their valuable contribution to society

How you look at and consider the effect independent schooling has on society may depend on what side of the political divide you are on. But, viewing it in this narrow spectrum may lead to overlooking the contribution these schools make to society, both economically and socially.

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What the Autumn Budget means for the Retail sector

Following the Chancellor’s Autumn Budget announcement earlier this week, some new policies have been welcomed by the retail sector and specifically those smaller businesses which have had a challenging time on Britain’s high streets.

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Too Little, Too Late?

Fiscal Phil announces boost for the licensed sector and the wider UK high street, but is it too little, too late?

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Looking ahead in hospitality: reflecting on the Annual Hotel Conference 2018

On the 10th and 11th of October, the city of Manchester played host to The Annual Hotel Conference 2018 (AHC) for its 15th year running, gathering hospitality specialists, advisors and operators, whilst also providing a brilliant platform for insightful panel discussions by industry experts and key guest speakers.

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