Independent and Private Schools For Sale

Buying an independent or private school gives you a lot of creative scope. Browse our range here to find the right opportunity.

The industry for education beyond public schools is reliably strong. Even in tough times, parents who want to give their kids the best possible educational experiences will find ways to cover the costs. And for certain subjects and areas of study, it’s hard to find relevant public schooling, making it necessary to seek out private options.

If you’re looking to invest in such a business, then, it’s certainly a worthwhile endeavour. We handle the sale of myriad businesses within this category, including the following types:

  • Day & Boarding Schools
  • Private Language Colleges
  • Private Sixth Form Colleges
  • Education Enrichment Centres
  • Residential & Day Camps
  • Private Tuition Centres
  • Pupil Referral Units (PRU)
  • Alternative Provision (AP) Academies

Childcare & Education Business For Sale

Why should you invest in an independent or private school?

The core advantage of running an independent or private school is that you have much more leeway in how you operate. You can steer everything from the topics you cover to the fees you charge, allowing you to cater the operation to whichever pursuit you deem worthwhile. In general, you have much more scope to drive profitability.

Are independent schools and private schools the same?

For the most part, these terms are indeed used interchangeably to refer to schools that aren’t funded by government budgets or programs.

The world of education isn’t right for every entrepreneur, but if it’s captured your interest and you’re ready to take on the task of running a school, we can help you get to that point. Get in touch for support finding the right opportunity and making the most of it.

Rosie Adlem
Director - Childcare & Education
T: 0161 833 6931