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If you’re interested in running a hostel or even a boutique hotel, there are hostels for sale throughout the country.

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Search our hostels for sale to see if there’s one that's right for you. Think about factors including location, architecture, facilities, accessibility, and development potential.

Buying a hostel in the UK

You could look for something in a great place, whether in a town centre or on a coast with sea views, with a goal to be easily accessible and provide services to everyday tourists (this is great for consistent annual turnover). You could simply look for a bargain: a price reduced for a reason that doesn't concern you (such as a retirement sale).

Whatever you’re hoping to achieve through buying a hostel, we can help. We’re experts at buying and selling businesses, and our hostels team will do everything it can to find you the right hostel business. So if you don’t spot a great opportunity below, get in touch. We can help you scour the market to find hostels meeting your preferences