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There is shortage of bed spaces across the UK and with long-term demand projected to increase, investor demand remains high in this needs driven sector.

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Finding a care home for sale and taking over from the existing ownership will give you a chance to forge success on that level — and our range of care homes in the UK can help you do just that. Whether you opt for a pleasant residential suburb in the West Midlands or a town centre location in North West England, at Christie & Co we have a number of long-established care homes for sale across the United Kingdom.

Why buy a care home in the UK?

Like many Western countries, the UK has an ageing population, and so the demand for care homes and other assisted living facilities is growing. Healthcare industries, including care homes, are generally considered to be more resilient to economic downturns than other sectors. This is because the need for care remains regardless of the economic climate.

Given the rising demand and the increasing fees associated with care homes, there’s potential for good financial returns if the facility is managed well — particularly if it’s located in a very prominent position such as a town centre and you’re able to forge a truly enviable reputation within the local community. 

Owning and operating a care home provides an opportunity to make a meaningful impact on communities and the families within them. By providing quality care, you’re not only fulfilling a crucial societal need but also helping to improve the quality of life for many individuals and their loved ones.

While operating a care home can be complex, there are many established models in the UK. This means that best practices, training resources and other forms of support are readily available, while owning a care home can offer opportunities to network with healthcare professionals and local communities, which can provide further business opportunities

Need support buying a care home in the UK?

As specialists in buying and selling properties in the UK care sector, we offer industry-specific expertise that can be invaluable when trying to find and purchase a care home in the UK. Through our acute knowledge of market trends and prices, we’ll help you find a care home opportunity that offers value and potential for growth.

Supported living is vital everywhere, so the first-time buyer in the care sector has options.  We list these options at great prices, so whether you’re looking to revive a former residential care home or turn an existing care property into a profitable business with ample private clients, you’ll find great value opportunities from East Sussex to West Yorkshire. 

If you like a slower pace, you could look for a long-established specialist home in a quiet, historic West Midlands town. If you’d prefer something a little more active, however, you might want to hold out for a fully management-operated care home in a more prominent position such as a major Hampshire coastal town.

So regardless of whether you see a rare opportunity in your care home business search, get in touch: we offer the latest advice for those buying or selling businesses, and we’ll help you make the right call. Contact our team for some free key advice within the care sector.

How to get funding to buy a care home

Given the community importance of care homes, there may be opportunities to access governmental support, particularly if you’re able to demonstrate a strong commitment to providing high-quality care. The UK government may offer grants, loans, or other incentives for sectors that have a genuine societal impact, such as the care or nursing home sector.

Alternatively, there are lenders in the UK that specialise in the care sector. They’ll understand the intricacies of running a care home and may offer better terms, making them potentially more accommodating than traditional banks. 

You could also seek out private investors or venture capitalists interested in the care sector. This may involve giving up some equity in the business, but can provide the necessary funds without taking on debt.

When it comes to funding your care home purchase, Christie & Co will guide you through your financing options, using our expertise in the care sector to help you understand the full costs involved and choose an option that suits your budget and business plan.