Retail Businesses For Sale

Starting a retail business isn’t easy. You need to handle everything from establishing a brand to negotiating supply deals. These things take time and energy that you might not have — but you don’t actually need to create a retail business from scratch.

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There are shops for sale right now: buy an existing store and you could start trading profitably within weeks.

Advantages of buying an existing commercial property

There’s very rarely anything wrong with a retail shop for sale. An owner may ready a retail business for sale because they want to cash out and try something new. In other cases, it’s because they’ve decided to retire and want their business to keep going.

Established assets always have value if you know how to take advantage of it. When you buy a retail business, you have freedom to keep the things the same or introduce new tactics to improve performance. You get the best of both worlds: total creative control without the need to lay the groundwork.

This is ideal for budding entrepreneurs and established traders. The former benefit from an easier route to gaining finance, an established customer base, and existing employees that know the business. The latter get the chance to expand their retail portfolio and build a brand.  

Our focus area of retail businesses for sale

Garden centres

In retail, garden products are evergreen. There will always be people eager to cultivate their own garden havens, and the rise of remote working has further driven interest.


The humble newsagent has easily survived the rise of ecommerce, demonstrating the remarkable strength of its business model. Investing in a newsagent can always pay off.


Maybe they don’t want to pay pub/club prices, or maybe they can’t safely attend typical gatherings. Regardless of the reason, people continue to flock to liquor stores in droves.


Dealing in staple products, supermarkets themselves are staples. Run well with smart overheads and customer service, a simple supermarket can deliver incredible profits.

Post offices

Whatever happens with travel, a post office remains a vital facility. They’re also highly customisable, typically providing varied services that can return excellent ROI.

Fuel stations

Whether they’re petrol filling stations (still very common) or charging points for electric vehicles (increasingly common), fuel stations are flourishing community fixtures.

Why choose Christie to buy an existing retail business? 

Our expert team scours Europe and the UK for the best opportunities. We can help you:

  • Find the best price businesses for your budget
  • Discover businesses with a prominent town centre position
  • Buy stores that have been recently refurbished
  • Request net profit and other vital information
  • Obtain a property with the ideal location for the market

Christie & Co also works with developers and investors to cover a huge value range from single-site stores to well-known chains. We can even find sellers that list multiple businesses if you want to go down that route.

We’re also able to offer consulting and can act as an operator for a business broker selling businesses, or put you in touch with a private seller account, developers, and investors, plus other professionals such as accountants and solicitors.  

Ready to take advantage? Let's find the right retail business for you.