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The hospitality sector is ripe with opportunity, with excellent profit margins at the high end being particularly tempting — but one area stands above the rest.

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Restaurants are usually less complicated to run than hotels and less prone to seasonal fluctuations than tourist hotspots, making them excellent options. And if you buy an existing restaurant, a lot of the groundwork involved in getting the business up and running will already be in place.

The advantages of buying a restaurant 

Establishing yourself in the restaurant industry is tricky. That said, buying an established business can reduce the barriers to success. Just a few of the benefits of buying a restaurant include:

  • Access to an existing customer base
  • Supply chain arrangements that are already in place
  • Existing staff that already know the business
  • Kitchen, equipment and inventory ready to go

Established restaurants with solid business models have reliable customer bases that will stick by them regardless of their ownership. When you take control of a restaurant, you can cater to those legacy regulars while seeking to bring in new customers. And if supply arrangements and key staff members are already in place, you can prioritise devising a fresh creative direction.

Christie & Co list a broad range of restaurant properties for sale, empowering you to find a thriving business that meets your specific requirements. You may intend to wipe the slate clean at a prime location, or continue a winning formula to profit with minimal effort. Either way, if you can serve good food with strong customer service, you’ll be able to bring in consistent revenue.

Get all the support you need to find a fantastic business opportunity

We don’t stop at valuing and listing properties, though. For starters, we can help you: 

  • Locate a popular business in a prime city centre location
  • Find an accessible restaurant with car park, wheelchair and ground floor access
  • Request net profit and discover a restaurant with profitable business potential 

Christie & Co is ready and willing to help through advising on everything from understanding the sales process to making tough decisions about staff retention. If you buy a restaurant through our network (or any other business, for that matter), we’ll be there to help you make progress towards your professional goals.

We also work with developers, investors, and can offer consulting, acting as an intermediate between you and a business broker that is selling businesses, or helping to put you in touch with a private seller account.

To view all our current stock of Pubs & Restaurants across the UK, please download our 2024 Property List.