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London is a culinary hotspot, so finding a restaurant for sale in London can be your ticket to success. Check out our range here

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Offering both a buzzing nightlife and undeniable culinary appeal, England’s capital is a pricey yet spectacular location for restaurateurs. If you’re looking to make a splash, picking among the array of restaurants for sale in London is a great move. Take a look at our selection of established restaurants and new builds. With a strong track record of helping buyers and sellers make exceptional restaurant deals, we can help you find your perfect opportunity.

Why invest in a London restaurant?

As the economic core of UK business, London attracts professionals from across the world. At the same time, its cultural importance ensures that it brings in just as many tourists. This level of interest guarantees activity, delivering steady footfall from people willing to spend and making it a fantastic location for an ambitious restaurateur.

Given the interest, it can be tough to find a solid opportunity to open a new restaurant. This is why there’s so much value in bidding for existing restaurant businesses. If you’re confident that you have the chops to succeed, finding a suitable restaurant for sale in central London could give you a golden chance to start serving customers with minimal admin needed.

Buying restaurant property in London won’t inevitably result in success, of course: it’s hugely competitive with countless other eateries aiming to perform well. But if you can get your menu, marketing and service working well, the sky’s the limit on what you can achieve.

What restaurant types are available?

The main distinction when looking at restaurants in London is between freehold and leasehold properties. A freehold property includes ownership of the land it sits on, while a leasehold property does not. When you own a leasehold property, you must meet the terms of the land owner to use the property, typically paying to rent the land and sometimes covering other costs.

Due to the high value of London land, most restaurant properties are leasehold. Knowing the demand (even during tough times), the land owners don’t want to give it up. This adds complexity to the prospect of purchasing a business, though it’s very common for restaurants throughout the world due to their strong locations. Before you buy, check up on any ongoing costs you need to factor in.

Another distinction concerns hours of operation. Some restaurants have late-hours licences, allowing them to sell food and drinks between 11pm and 5am, while others don’t and must close (or simply not sell any comestibles or beverages) during those hours. While you can apply for a licence after purchasing a restaurant without one, it’s clearly useful to have one there already.

You also need to think about what exactly you’d like your restaurant to offer. For example, would you like your restaurant to feature live music? London is a cultural goldmine, and being able to offer live music could be a huge advantage — but there are legal considerations involved. And what about outdoor eating? Covered external seating can be a huge help during poor weather and provide you with greater capacity, though it may not suit your desired atmosphere.

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Trendy properties in the West End, quirky restaurants across Shoreditch and Islington, classic architecture in Chelsea: London has a spectacular range of restaurant businesses to suit all types of budding owners. This can make it somewhat difficult to decide — but we can help.

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