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A local off licence is likely an established business with steady earning potential. Often serving also as a convenience store, an off licence provides an important service to local residents, offering the sale of everything from specialist alcoholic drinks like beer, cider and wine to additional essentials like snacks, groceries, newspapers and magazines. Generally found in convenient residential or city centre locations, off licences can generate high footfall and net profitability.

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If you’re looking to open up your own off licence or convenience store, Christie and Co has a range of existing businesses available all over the UK. Whatever your preferred location or budget, we can help you find a freehold or leasehold off licence for sale in your area.

Buying an off licence in the UK

There are many thousands of licensed premises in the UK; in addition to off licences, these account for pubs, bars, restaurants, and cafés. This simply means they have licences to sell alcoholic drinks ranging from beers and ciders to popular spirits like gin, rum and vodka (plus red, white, rosé and sparkling wines such as Prosecco or Champagne, of course). Naturally, off licences aren’t limited to the sale of alcohol. They can also operate as convenience stores or newsagents, offering essentials like snacks, groceries and soft drinks alongside other things such as lottery tickets and scratch cards (and even post office services).

Often in a prominent corner trading position of a densely populated residential area, an off licence is a staple feature of many a high street or local shopping precinct, and an essential outlet for many local residents. And while there may be competition from supermarkets (as well as nearby pubs and bars), a well-run off licence and convenience store in a prominent residential location has potential for steady footfall and an ample annual turnover, particularly if you stock high-quality speciality items such as premium beers and vintage wines.

As experts in selling businesses in the convenience retail market, Christie & Co’s team members proudly work alongside trade organisations such as the Association of Convenience Stores (ACS) to identify and list retail businesses like off licences. Contact the Christie & Co retail team today to see if there’s an off licence for sale in the right area for you.