Pharmacy Investment Properties For Sale

Buying a pharmacy as an investment property can prove incredibly lucrative, providing you’ve prior experience in the healthcare sector. With the demand for accessible and high-quality pharmaceutical services on the rise, a pharmacy investment property may offer a promising avenue for financial growth — but how should you go about purchasing one?

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At Christie & Co., we make the entire process as frictionless as possible. Browse below to see the pharmacy investment properties for sale right across the UK. Don't miss out on the chance to establish a business which offers a vital service to the local community while generating a substantial ROI.

Why invest in a pharmacy?

Pharmacies play a pivotal role in the healthcare ecosystem, serving as crucial hubs for dispensing medications, providing health advice, and contributing to community well-being. Owners of a pharmacy premises benefit from becoming a part of this essential industry, with the potential for stable returns and a positive societal impact.

As a commercial property, a pharmacy presents a good financial opportunity primarily due to the consistent and growing demand for healthcare and pharmaceutical products. By offering a separate partitioned consultation room in addition to a sales counter and ancillary storage, a pharmacy can also offer specialist services like health screenings and vaccinations.

What to consider before investing in a pharmacy

Of course, choosing the right location is one of the most important steps. Areas with growing populations are always a popular choice, but smaller, more rural areas can also give your pharmacy the advantage of a captive market. 

Compliance is crucial, too. There are strict regulatory requirements that govern pharmacies in the UK, and ensuring compliance with licensing, safety and healthcare regulations is absolutely essential. 

Other considerations include:

  • Market trends and demographics: Analyse market trends and demographics to understand the specific needs of the community. Tailoring pharmacy services to the local population can enhance the property's value (and this is something our property experts can advise on)
  • Property particulars: Pay attention to anything which might constitute property particulars, since these are crucial for assessing whether a pharmacy is the right investment. These might include the size, layout, and condition.
  • Guide price: The guide price is important when investing in a pharmacy as it offers an initial estimate of the property’s value, helping investors gauge the financial viability of the investment.
  • Business rates: These are crucial when investing in a pharmacy as they represent a significant ongoing expense. Business rates, based on the property’s valuation, impact the overall cost of operating the pharmacy. 
  • Existing tenancy: Existing tenant occupation is important when investing in a pharmacy, particularly if you’re closing a sale subject to this tenancy. This means the investment comes with a pre-existing income stream, reducing initial risk and uncertainty.
  • Technological integration: How up-to-date is your chosen pharmacy? Will it require a refurbishment, or does it have all of the necessary tech to provide patients with the level of service they expect?

Invest in a UK pharmacy with Christie & Co. 

Whether you’re at Christie & Co we have pharmacies (and many other businesses) available right across the UK. Our peak pharmacy locations include:

  • Central London pharmacies: Prime locations with high foot traffic. Often long-term leases with an established pharmacy chain, and in close proximity to major healthcare facilities.
  • Suburban community pharmacies: Catering to a growing residential community. Complete with modern facilities and potential for expansion. Tenants in good standing with a strong customer base.
  • Regional health hub pharmacies: Located in a developing health hub. Integration with healthcare providers and wellness services. Attractive lease terms and potential for capital appreciation.

We also have a wide range of GP surgeries, dental practices, and care facilities for sale, and you can browse our entire index of business properties here — from leisure centres to cosy BnBs — we’ve got it all.  

Our property agents are experts when it comes to scouring the market for investment opportunities. Whether you’re a buyer, or you’re seeking a quick sale on a property you own, contact the Christie & Co team now and benefit from our decades of experience in the field.