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Christie & Co is the largest specialist firm of business agents in the UK dealing with the valuation and sale of dental practices and offers a full range of professional services to clients buying, selling, or raising finance in the dental sector.

Dealing across the whole market and all price ranges and practice types, Christie & Co dental specialists have an in-depth knowledge of the area in which they live and work. We have 35 dental specialists working across the UK, meaning we offer exceptional regional knowledge through our local experts, and benefit from an impressive professional network for you to utilise.

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Our Dental Experts

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Managing Director - Medical

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Head of Valuation - Medical

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Selling a Dental Practice in the UK?

If you’ve found this page because you already own a dental practice you’d like to sell (whether on the NHS or operated privately), we can help you get a great deal. We’ll happily start with a free market appraisal, then aid you however you need. Click here to get in touch.

Why you should sell your dental practice through Christie & Co

Selling a business can be stressful and take a long time, so you need to get the right help. Here are some of the reasons why Christie & Co is the right partner for you:

  • We’re fully regulated. We meet every standard in the industry, ensuring that you can trust everything we do and put stock in our advice. Ask our clients if you don’t believe us.
  • We have offices across the UK. Having 11 offices spread throughout the country means that we can offer exceptional regional knowledge. Understanding your local market gives us context for your purchasing journey and lets us guide you accordingly.
  • We don’t have preferred buyers. Some brokers steer sellers towards specific buyers, making it harder for them to get high bids. We provide a whole-of-market service, listing your dental practice for all possible buyers and getting you a wide range of offers.

To get an idea of how we operate and the results we can get, take a look at our recent sales. Demand is strong for dental practices across the UK, and we can get you a superb deal if you give us the chance to market your business.

Buying a Dental Practice in the UK?

Buying a business is a great route for an entrepreneur, so what about buying a dental practice? It’s a solid option due to the consistent demand, but dentistry is a complicated and dynamic sector, making it hard to enter. If you’re going to make it work, you’ll need expert advice. That’s exactly what our team of dental experts brings to the table.

Why you should buy a dental practice through Christie & Co

Purchasing a dental practice is a big move that you need to get right. So what makes Christie & Co the right choice for helping you with that process? Here are just some of the reasons:

  • We don’t charge any buyer fees. You can register on our website and download opportunities for free, no strings attached. We’ll even email you any relevant opportunities that come up down the line. We make money through our optional brokerage services, not through our property or business listings.
  • We fully vet every dental service we list. Furthermore, the agent managing the sale is the expert who vetted it, ensuring that you’ll have access to comprehensive insight from the outset. All your questions will be answered quickly and directly.
  • We provide comprehensive resources. Every listed dental practice has an exhaustive information memorandum explaining the business case and listing all supporting financial details, making it easier for you to gauge the quality of the opportunity.
  • We can recommend other relevant professionals. Our professional network stretches across fields including accounting and legal services, meaning that we can personally introduce you to specialists perfect for whatever you’re trying to achieve.
  • We can help you with funding. We have an in-house finance team that knows how to source funding for dental practice purchases. And since our valuations are RICS-accredited, they are generally accepted as accurate by lenders.

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Our other services for the dental sector

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell a dental practice, we can do more than help you find the perfect deal. Here are just some of our other specialist services:

  • We can provide a Red Book valuation. A Red Book valuation is an RICS-backed assessment formed using the review of three comparable sales. For a buyer, this can make it easier to get a business loan, create a partnership, or go through the incorporation process. For a seller, this can help raise the level of bidding.
  • We can resolve legal disputes. If you’re in the midst of an exchange and a dispute arises to prevent further progress, we can handle it and find a suitable resolution. This can even extend to the provision of expert witnesses if necessary.
  • We can offer investment advice. Our objective is to make your business transaction as successful as possible, and this extends to advising you on what you do with the proceeds. If you’re buying a practice, we can help you use it effectively — and if you’re selling, we can give you tips for investing the money sensibly.

Reach out to our team today

Maybe you’ve picked out a golden opportunity, or maybe you’re completely uncertain about where to go. Either way, our dental experts can help you take the next step. If you get in touch, we’ll assign you a nearby specialist to see your project through from start to finish, breaking complex elements down for you as needed.

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