Restaurants for Sale in Manchester

Widely referred to as the Northern Powerhouse, Manchester is a bustling metropolitan hub, with a huge variety of dining options. Whether you’re seeking an upmarket eatery serving freshly prepared Italian meals, or you’d prefer to invest in a down-to-earth fast food diner, this city has it all.

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Browse below to see the restaurants for sale in Manchester, and you may discover a rare opportunity to build a successful business and drive a healthy annual turnover. Don't miss out on the chance to establish a restaurant in one of the UK's most thrilling and dynamic cities.

Why business brokers love Manchester

A modern magnet for investors, Manchester has consistently proven itself as a city on the rise. Its strategic position as a major transportation hub, coupled with a thriving business landscape, makes it an ideal destination for those seeking lucrative investment opportunities. The city has undergone a remarkable urban renaissance, evolving into a dynamic metropolis that attracts both local and international entrepreneurs.

Beyond its economic chops, Manchester has carved a niche for itself as a culinary haven, too. The city's dining scene is a vibrant tapestry of flavours, reflecting its diverse population and cultural influences. From Michelin-starred restaurants to quirky street food stalls, Manchester offers a gastronomic experience that caters to every palate.

A hit with experienced business brokers and first-time investors alike, Manchester is the ideal destination for anyone looking to open their own restaurant. Whether it’s an upmarket establishment or a greasy spoon; this city truly has something for every taste!

Why buy a restaurant in Manchester?

Whether you're eyeing a traditional English pub, a trendy coffee shop, or a fine dining establishment in the town centre, the city offers a range of premises for prospective restaurateurs. Manchester is well known for its many independent businesses — so whether you’re looking for a small property with just a single, private dining room, or you’re in the market for a highly-rated contemporary restaurant, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for!

With a steady influx of tourists, Manchester provides a built-in customer base for your restaurant venture. The city's attractions, including world-renowned museums, iconic landmarks, and a vibrant cultural scene, ensure a continuous flow of potential patrons.

The city’s reputation as a business hub also means a steady stream of professionals seeking dining during working hours, too. From power lunches to casual meetings, the demand for high-quality Greater Manchester restaurants remains high, presenting a lucrative opportunity for prospective restaurateurs. 

From intimate bistros and traditional pubs to trendy food trucks and cutting-edge fusion restaurants boasting panoramic and picturesque views. Manchester's culinary ecosystem welcomes innovation, making it an exciting playground for restaurateurs.

Restaurants for sale across the UK

From the rolling hills and affluent village charms of Greater Manchester to the inner city dynamism of South Manchester, this city has it all. But if Manchester isn’t your cup of tea, fear not — at Christie & Co we have restaurants (and many other businesses) available right across the UK.

Our property agents are experts when it comes to scouring the market for investment opportunities. Whether you’re a buyer, or you’re seeking a quick sale on a property you own, contact the Christie & Co team now and benefit from our decades of experience in the field.