Christie & Co announces latest Director and Associate Director

Specialist business property adviser, Christie & Co, has announced appointments made to its Board of Directors at the end-of-year Board meeting.

All the appointments were based on the outstanding performances throughout an incredibly challenging year. Many of the appointees have exceeded expectations set pre-COVID-19, which makes their contribution even more remarkable.

The following Director appointments were made to Christie & Co’s Board of Directors:

Hannah Irving – Finance Director
Joe Swiers – Medical Valuation
Jamie Keith – Hospitality Valuation
Steve Darbon – Dental
David Eaves – Childcare
Sophie Willcox – Childcare
Jordan Rundle – Care
Joanne Mathers – Care
Benjamin Poppa – Head of Hotels, Germany
The following Associate Director appointment were also made:
Tom O’Malley – Hospitality
Andreea Bodea – Hospitality
Oliver McCarthy – Care
Charles Jones – Hospitality
Lindsey Hunt – Marketing
Jack Chard – Pharmacy
David Rugg, Chairman, Christie Group, comments, “I congratulate our newly appointed Directors and Associate Director in their new roles at Christie & Co. These appointments highlight the continued success of Christie & Co in developing and expanding our services across each of our sectors, particularly in light of the challenging circumstances this year. I look forward to a successful year ahead with our strengthening team and am optimistic about a return to normalcy.”

Darren Bond, Global Managing Director at Christie & Co comments, “I am delighted that we have been able to make so many Director and Associate Director appointments. 2020 has been a remarkable year and these appointments highlight the strength of our teams and their ability to thrive in such a challenging environment. To them, and the wider company, I would like to offer my thanks for the persistence and comradery shown throughout the business in 2020. I am confident that we will continue 2021 in the strongest position, with the strongest team possible to grow the business and aide our clients to recovery.”

For further information on this press release, contact:
Fiona Fieldhouse, Director – Head of Corporate Communications
P: 020 7227 0793 or E: fiona.fieldhouse@christie.com