6/29/2015 | Dental Practices

Christie + Co Dental team to expand in the North and Scotland

Christie + Co company news


The Christie + Co Dental Team is pleased to confirm growth across all markets but particularly in the North and Scotland. As a result of this impressive growth the team will be recruiting, enabling the team to offer specialists in our key sectors across the regions and allow real focus on growing market share in this breakthrough year. 

Christie + Co has two offices in Scotland and two office in the North enabling our local teams to guarantee a full understanding of all local market nuances.

Christie + Co recently noted the growing demand for dental practices in the North and Scotland from dentists based in the South. The increase in good value properties in those regions has aided the shift in demand and Southern dentists look to either relocate or more likely, expand their practices. These moves show how the industry is becoming more sophisticated and Christie + Co Dental team is able to offer support.