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Whether you're looking to set up your first business, or adding another B&B to your portfolio, Bath could be the perfect location for you.

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Renowned for its stunning Georgian buildings, and the traditional Roman Baths, there's a whole range of attractions which draw many national and international visitors to the area. The city of Bath is so beautiful that it was classified as a World Heritage Site in 1987, helping to cement it as one of the most popular tourist destinations in the UK. Tourism's value on the economy in Bath increased by 8% in 2015, with similar growth seen in 2016 too. An industry which is now worth over £440million to the city, shows the huge potential for opening, or taking over, a new B&B there. Much of this growth has been fuelled by international visitors, in particular from China, who are looking to experience the classic British history of the town. There's no better place for these guests to stay than the traditional British B&B.