Businesses For Sale in Wales

Buying a business anywhere comes with challenges, but the location will be a significant factor in its success. There are plenty of reasons for choosing Wales as the destination for your business, from its great transport links to its popularity with tourists, and with Christie & Co there are ample opportunities for buying a well-established business in “The Land of Castles”.

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Choosing the right business location is key. Why not buy an existing business in Wales today and benefit from an established clientele in a popular location? You could even start trading profitably within just a few weeks. Christie & Co are experts in selling businesses, and we have a range of commercial properties for sale in Wales, including pubs, hotels, shops, care homes, dental practices and more.

Why buy a business in Wales?

Thinking of buying a business in Wales? There are a number of reasons it could be a sound (and potentially lucrative) investment. For one thing, Wales is a hub of industry, so it’s a prime location to launch and run a successful business. Commercial rentals and properties in Wales are also highly affordable, making it a superb opportunity for first-time business owners. 

What’s more, Wales is a popular tourist destination with millions of visitors every year, meaning a well-placed business could benefit from ample footfall during the busiest times. You might be considering buying a hotel in Pembrokeshire, for example, or looking for a care home for sale in South Wales. Either way, Wales is connected by road, rail and air to many major UK and European cities, airports and ports.

Most importantly, the people of Wales are known to be warm, friendly and passionate about the country they call home.

Find a business for sale in Wales

As a business owner, finding the right investment — and the right location — takes time, research, and often a lot of persistence. If you’re looking to buy a commercial property in Wales, we can help you find the best business opportunities in Wales right now. 


From convenience stores to post offices and petrol stations, retail stores are a staple of our everyday lives and provide an essential service to both local residents and visitors to the area. If you’re thinking of buying a retail business in Wales, Christie & Co has plenty of options. 


Wales is a popular destination for tourists all year round, from the bustling capital city, Cardiff, to the stunning views off the Pembrokeshire Coast. A hotel in Wales could be a solid investment if you pick the right location and run it well.


A well-run pub can become a staple of its local community, providing a great opportunity for locals and tourists alike to eat, drink and be merry. Buying a pub in Wales could be an exciting venture with the potential for ample net profit.

Dental practices

With dental services in high demand, a private dental practice in Wales could be a lucrative investment. Whether you choose a city centre location or a more rural area, dental surgeries in Wales provide an essential service while generating plenty of revenue.

Care homes

Care homes provide much-needed respite for residents and their families. Buying a care home or a nursing home in Wales could be a rewarding and lucrative venture, providing an essential service to families up and down the country.

Trust Christie & Co to help you find a commercial property in Wales

At Christie & Co, our dedicated team can provide the latest advice on finding the right commercial premises for sale in Wales. Our unmatched industry knowledge coupled with our vast database of properties means you’ll find plenty of businesses for sale in any location. 

Start your business search today for a new commercial lease in Wales, or wherever you decide to establish your business. We also offer expert guidance for individuals looking to sell businesses in a range of industries. Contact us today for more information.