Investment & Development Overview

Our investment and development proposal distinguishes itself through its steadfast concentration on specialized operational sectors, with a particular emphasis on the hotel and hospitality domain. This distinctive strategy separates us from the rest of the industry.

We have a diverse portfolio of assets, spanning high-value investments tailored for institutional markets, alongside smaller parcels that present opportunities for private investors to add value.

Moreover, our profound comprehension of investor needs and expansive network encompassing Scandinavia, the Baltics, Europe, the UK, international markets, and sector-specific investors are complemented by our distinctive assets: in-depth sector expertise and enduring associations with operators. These assets empower us with a dynamic grasp of how assets are situated within their local markets, minimizing risk and foreseeing opportunities in advance to assist investors in optimizing their returns.

An area where we truly shine is in our development endeavors. We work closely with developers and operators to forge fresh avenues within the market. This entails the discovery and evaluation of emerging development prospects, the assurance of commitments from occupiers, and the facilitation of forward-funded investment sales.

We are committed to nurturing enduring partnerships and derive great satisfaction from collaborating with a wide array of stakeholders.

If you wish to explore our extensive array of services further, please feel free to contact our primary points of contact.