Valuation Overview

Our dedicated team of Chartered Surveyors and RICS Registered Valuers is the largest in the industry, focusing on our core markets, such as hotels, care, childcare, leisure, medical, and retail. Our extensive expertise enables us to offer unmatched insights and services within these sectors.

What  is the Valuation Process?

Valuations involve the assessment of the value of properties specifically designed or adapted for particular uses. The worth of these properties is intricately tied to the potential returns they can generate for their owners. Unlike generic properties like standard office, industrial, or retail spaces, the value of these specialized properties is closely linked to their trading potential.

Our Valuation Service

Each year, our team conducts valuations for numerous properties across the UK and Europe. Collaborating closely with our transactional colleagues, who manage over 1.000 business sales annually, we leverage current market sentiment and comparable data to provide precise valuations.

On average, our team assesses or offers advice on property values exceeding 10 billion annually, making us one of the most active valuation firms in our markets. From individual properties to portfolio assessments we cover more than 2.000 properties.

How We Can Assist You

With access to comprehensive market data, our valuers have the unique ability to benchmark both business performance and property value. This ensures that our reports and professional advice are well-researched and informed.

We are acknowledged as leading valuers by major banks, as well as various other specialist lending institutions. Furthermore, we collaborate with numerous large European banks, North American institutions, and global financial organizations.

With a number of valuers established around our offices in Europe and UK, we possess local knowledge on an international scale. This enables us to effectively respond to portfolio valuations and individual projects in various locations.