10/12/2022 | Leisure

5 ways our electronic visitor management system can help

Our colleagues at Vennersys share some insight into their electronic visitor management system, and how it could benefit your Family Entertainment Centre.


Family Entertainment Centres (FECs), soft play areas, and child-friendly visitor attractions are year-round businesses. Though you may experience peaks through the school holidays and on weekends, there are very few periods of downtime.

A constant flow of visitors is great for business, but can take a toll on outdated admission, management, and administrative systems.

Have you had a tough time keeping up with demand over the summer holidays? Do you think your systems could use an upgrade? Want to boost your revenue? Read on for five key ways your attraction could benefit from our online ticketing and visitor management system.

1. Increase ticket sales and revenue

A large part of increasing your potential customer base, and therefore revenue, is online ticketing. However, the way in which you tackle online ticketing solutions needs to be innovative. Most FECs will have the option to book tickets online, but ours can help you stand out from the competition.

For example, our online travel agents (OTA) module puts your attraction in direct contact with travel agents looking to advertise activities in the area. These websites, such as Expedia and Booking.com, are often used by both locals and holidaymakers who are searching for things to do.

You could increase footfall by having your FEC listed on OTAs and through our partnership with Tourism Exchange Great Britain. They will put your venue on the radar of popular travel bloggers and tourism suppliers, helping to further increase brand reach and footfall.

Plus, more efficient admission systems and shorter queue times lead to increased customer satisfaction rates, which could result in positive reviews and comments for PR purposes. If potential customers see that your attraction is highly rated, they may be more inclined to visit.

Twin these factors with our CRM module, which allows you to store data and manage the memberships of up to 2.5 million customers, and you could have a lot of satisfied returning customers.

2. Streamline your admission systems

No one wants to spend ages in a queue. Long wait times can ruin the customer experience, and further complications at the entrance can sour a visitor’s mood for the rest of the day. If your systems are slow to operate, frequently crash, or don’t always recognise tickets, you could be reducing customer satisfaction.

Our electronic visitor management system will help rectify any issues you have with your existing processes. The VenposCloud platform is fast, reliable, and easy-to-use, with functionalities and services that can mould around the specific needs of your business.

Plus, our servers are supported by Amazon, which makes them incredibly reliable and minimises downtime. This helps to lower wait times on entry to your attraction thanks to the removal of downtime through sluggish software and crashes, and less admin time for your staff.

In fact, thanks to our integrated QR code technology, your entry systems can almost be fully automated, which could make staff who would usually man the entrance more available. This

allows them to focus on other important tasks around your venue and gives them the time they need to offer even better customer service.

3. Simplify your event management

If your attraction runs events of any kind, be it one-off birthday parties or regular celebrations, our events management software will simplify the process and reduce admin time.

You can view, configure, edit, or delete events throughout the year all from a single system, which can be used to search via multiple filters, tags, and categories. You can also sell individual tickets for all these events which are stored separately, helping you know exactly how many tickets you’ve sold for every event.

These capacity management tools help your attraction remove all the complexities from managing events, helping you focus on what matters: delivering the best experience you can.

Plus, our partnership with Seats.io means that if you hold shows, plays, or other events that utilise seating, your customers can choose exactly where they want to sit when they book. This prevents you from overselling tickets to these events, and helps you organise when it’s busy.

4. Improve secondary point of sale and café performance

Did you know that our visitor management systems aren’t just about admission and ticketing? We provide a long list of additional features to fit the needs of any attraction, and two that you could benefit from are our EPoS solutions and table ordering software.

If your FEC has a secondary point of sale, such as a gift shop, the EPoS module can help you to manage stock levels, save data, reduce wait times, and improve your service.

The centralised system lets you receive stock information, pull sales reports, and store individual transaction details at the click of a button. Also, if your network should ever fail, the EPoS module works as a standalone application on your hardware so there are no disruptions in-store.

Plus, if you serve food at your venue, the table ordering module can help streamline the serving process as it allows customers to order their food online from their table. This puts the orders straight through to your till system and prevents queues and long wait times at the service desk.

5. Benefit from those who work in the industry

Vennersys have experience working with FECs of all sizes throughout the UK and have tailored our services to the specific needs of each customer as necessary.

We are proud to work with recognisable names in the industry, including Nickelodeon Adventure Lakeside, Jack in the Box, Treasure Island, and more. We are also a trade member of BALPPA.

For example, Jack in the Box utilise the online ticketing, admission, and table ordering services of our VenposCloud system. They offer timed ticketing, allowing customers to book a 2.5-hour slot during the day, which helps them regulate the number of people in the building and helps maintains a constant flow of customers throughout the day.

Plus, the table ordering software helps the onsite café keep up with orders and reduces customer wait time, and the tills systems we provide are simple, efficient, and easy to use. To find out more about our partnership with Jack in the Box, watch the YouTube video we made with their team!

If you would like to find out more about how we could help your soft play, childcare, or family entertainment centre, consider getting in touch! Call us on 01908 735 274 or email contact@vennersys.com today.

Alternatively, if you’d like to see our services in action, book a free demo with our sales team who can talk you through everything you need to know.