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Posted by:
Stephen Owens
Managing Director – Pubs & Restaurants
Pubs | 13/10/2020 13:01:21

New COVID-19 Three-Level Lockdown Alert System: What does this mean for pubs?

On Monday 12 October, Boris Johnson announced the details of a new three-level Coronavirus lockdown alert system for England, to tackle the recent surge in coronavirus cases.

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Care 28 June 2018

The current state of the social care market and what the future might bring

It is no secret that the NHS and care sector has been under pressure for some time now and has been under some scrutiny in the media, but it is not immediately to obvious to the public, those who currently or may in in the future have to rely on social care services, what the ...

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Michael Hodges
Managing Director - Care Consultancy
Care 18 June 2018

Reduction of the Tier 2 visa caps a reassuring sign for the care sector

In our 2017 Adult Social Care report, Christie & Co highlighted that funding and staffing were the most critical issues for policy makers, with concerns compounded by uncertainty around immigration policies after the Brexit vote. However, these new plans to remove the cap for ...

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Michael Hodges
Managing Director - Care Consultancy
Pubs 15 June 2018

The next big thing – the multi-site regional pub operator

It’s taken some knocks over the years, none more so than in recent decades with government intervention and legislation, but the pub is once again proving to be as resilient as ever, taking back its place as the number one hospitality venue. Today we are seeing the pub rise...

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Simon Chaplin
Senior Director - Corporate Pubs and Restaurants
Restaurants 15 June 2018

Independent operators discuss restaurant sector trends at industry roundtable hosted by Christie & C

From the in-depth conversations had at the event, three key themes emerged which operators highlighted as the most prominent to watch: developments in technology, consumer demands and trends, and the different routes for funding. The newest and most rapidly adopted technolo...

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Childcare & Education 14 June 2018

Has the Scottish nursery sector reached a crisis point?

The scheme to provide 1140 hours of funded childcare to all three and four year olds and some two year olds in Scotland by 2020 is just two years away, and despite the Scottish Government’s pledge of an extra £150 million a year to fund the scheme, private sector operator conf...

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Dental Practices 12 June 2018

Business bites - Private dental practices in vogue as buyers seek out quality

Something is stirring in the private dental market as a part of the sector which for many buyers was considered off limits has suddenly become ‘in vogue.’ Why is this and what does it mean to anybody thinking about buying or selling a private practice in the current market? ...

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Simon Hughes
Managing Director - Medical
Leisure 11 June 2018

The rise of the multi-faceted leisure destination

The leisure industry has seen an uptick in demand over the past couple of years, and at Christie & Co we have seen increased activity in a variety of businesses within the sector, particularly sporting venues which can double up as live music/performance venues in the busy “fe...

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Jon Patrick
Head of Leisure & Development