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Posted by:
Jonathan Watson
Dental Practices | 06/12/2019 12:58:06

Q&A with Stuart Allan

Dr Stuart Allan is one of the country’s most influential dentists who works as an adviser for the NHS as well as still practising clinically. He is the Chair of the Greater Manchester Federation of Local Dental Committees (LDCs) and was recently announced as Chair Elect for the national conference of LDCs. Jonathan Watson, Director on Christie & Co’s Medical team, who handled the sale of Dr Allan’s practice in the summer, talks to him about his views on the market.

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Childcare & Education 31 October 2017

An update on the Scottish day nursery market

This lengthy process was an added cost and frustration for all affected, however in a political climate where nothing seems to go to plan the Scottish Government announced rate relief for all childcare settings in Scotland with effect from April 2018 - welcome news for the sec...

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Martin Daw
Senior Director
Retail 19 October 2017

What does the potential acquisition of Nisa by the Co-op mean for the wider retail sector?

A minimum of 75% of votes are needed in favour of the offer for the deal to be secured so the deal is by no means certain. If the offer is accepted the Co-op has committed to a payment of £20,000 per shareholder, a deferred payment of up to £1,654 per share and up to 1% of reb...

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Steve Rodell
Managing Director - Retail
Childcare & Education 19 October 2017

International activity in the childcare market continues to rise

Clearly the larger providers such as Busy Bees and Bright Horizon have a track record of operating on more of a global level and this was evidenced further over the summer by the Busy Bees acquisition of BrightPath Early Learning Inc, a leading Canadian childcare provider with...

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Rosie Adlem
Childcare & Education 16 October 2017

The day nursery market in the Midlands

After the election results, the market began to gear up again and made up for the lull at the beginning of the year evidenced by our instruction to market many new settings across both the East and West Midlands. Our completion rate was also up, having since completed on vario...

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