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Posted by:
Jonathan Watson
Dental Practices | 06/12/2019 12:58:06

Q&A with Stuart Allan

Dr Stuart Allan is one of the country’s most influential dentists who works as an adviser for the NHS as well as still practising clinically. He is the Chair of the Greater Manchester Federation of Local Dental Committees (LDCs) and was recently announced as Chair Elect for the national conference of LDCs. Jonathan Watson, Director on Christie & Co’s Medical team, who handled the sale of Dr Allan’s practice in the summer, talks to him about his views on the market.

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Hotels 21 June 2017

Is extended-stay the new panacea for the hotel industry?

While this asset class has been popular with corporate users for some time in other parts of the world, with Fraser serviced apartments launched in Singapore in 1998, they started to sprout later in Europe as hotel groups are launching extended-stay brands and specialised oper...

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Dental Practices 13 June 2017

Private Equity and the changing landscape of the dental sales market

In fact, I’ve seen a substantial number of private equity groups looking to invest in the dental sector, many of which already have management teams in place ready for the right opportunity. Private equity investment in the dental sector is not a new concept, however their ...

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Pubs 06 June 2017

Almost a year on from the introduction of the Pubs Code, what happened to the “unintended consequenc

The Pubs Code? Recall that one of the main objectives of the Pubs Code was, broadly speaking, to ensure that tied tenants of the largest pub-owning businesses are no worse off than free-of-tie tenants, yet without placing undue regulatory burdens on businesses. At implemen...

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Ramzi Qattan
Childcare & Education 05 June 2017

GE 2017 manifestos: childcare and education policies reviewed

There are four key points to the Labour Party’s manifesto, the first being the suggestion of a complete overhaul of the childcare sector by giving subsidies directly to childcare settings rather than the parents. However, this proposal is not a new one and has been recommended...

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Childcare & Education 02 June 2017

It's busy up north in the childcare market

The demand for high quality settings is at an all time high which has resulted in some exceptional prices being achieved. This is being fuelled by existing operators looking to consolidate and acquire competitors and looking to expand into new areas. We have also seen increase...

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Sofia Beck
Associate Director