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Posted by:
Jamie Savage
Associate Director
Care | 29/07/2021 09:05:44

A step towards stability in Scottish care home design?

Comments on the latest Draft Care Home for Adults Design Guide by Jamie Savage (Associate Director – Care Valuation Services, Christie & Co)

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Dental Practices 28 November 2018

Christie & Co launches first annual ‘Dental Industry’ report with panel discussion

Aimed at owners, investors and anybody with a stake in the industry, the launch was supported by an event held at the Shard in central London and was attended by over 150 guests. The panel included key figures from across the industry; Raj Rattan, Julian Perry, Eddie Crouch an...

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Simon Hughes
Managing Director - Medical
Dental Practices 20 November 2018

Christie & Co attends inaugural European Dental Forum

It was fascinating to meet and chat with 12 different nationalities in less than 48 hours and to learn about the way the sector works across Europe. What is clear is that there are significant differences in the way markets function with varying levels of regulation.  Germa...

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Simon Hughes
Managing Director - Medical
Childcare & Education 13 November 2018

Cross party support for private partner childcare providers in Scotland

The SNP’s pledge to provide 1,140 hours of funded childcare to all three and four year olds and some two year olds in Scotland by 2020 has caused many sleepless nights for private nursery operators across Scotland. The reasons for this are increasing wage costs, challenges rec...

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Childcare & Education 07 November 2018

Foster care and children's home provision needs support to meet children's services demands

Over the past decade, local authority funding has fallen considerably whilst demand has increased, alongside which the needs of children referred to care are becomingly increasingly complex. This has led to council leaders warning that they will overspend their budgets to meet...

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Courteney Donaldson
Managing Director - Childcare & Education
Care 07 November 2018

Funding continues to challenge the care sector

With rates of between £11 - £13 in some areas, this isn’t surprising, what’s more worrying is who will pick up the hours should this happen. Whilst Allied Healthcare can’t sustain these figures, most companies will want much higher rates and this may result in higher use of ag...

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Michael Hodges
Managing Director - Care Consultancy
Childcare & Education 05 November 2018

Independent schools and their valuable contribution to society

Private education has never been so accessible, as according to the ISC’s (Independent Schools Council) most recent census, a third of the 1300-member schools who partook in the survey had raised money to subsidise the fees of lower income families. The total value of these co...

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Retail 02 November 2018

What the Autumn Budget means for the Retail sector

Disposable incomes will be boosted by the decision to raise the Personal Allowance to £12,500 and the Higher Rate Threshold to £50,000 from April 2019. This should increase the overall amount customers have to spend in the convenience sector. Phillip Hammond’s reiteration o...

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Steve Rodell
Managing Director - Retail