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Retail | 19/10/2021 10:51:36

Hungry buyers eye the Scottish retail market

Although the Scottish Government's Covid-19 guidance on movement differed from that south of the border over the last year or so, the convenience and forecourt property markets have painted a similar picture to that of England's bull market, with buyers hailing from right across the UK.

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Dental Practices 22 August 2018

What does Brexit mean for the UK Pharmacy market?

As with so many wider discussions on Brexit, at present there are no clear answers – until we know whether we have a hard, soft, or even ‘no deal’ Brexit and have actually exited Europe, we can only speculate as to what the impact will be. There is a lot of conjecture aroun...

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Christopher Vowles
Head of Valuation - Medical
Childcare & Education 22 August 2018

First time buyers: finding success in your search

As with entering any industry or business for the first time, it is vital to have an initial discussion with a specialist sector expert who can answer questions you might have before you begin the process. Buying a business is a more complex process than buying a house, but...

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Dental Practices 20 August 2018

The private dentistry demand

The private dentistry market is on the move with increasing demand for quality practices across the board. What’s driving this increased demand, who’s buying and what are the differences in selling a private to mixed practice? After a number of years of intense demand for ...

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Simon Hughes
Managing Director - Medical