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Posted by:
Jonathan Watson
Dental Practices | 06/12/2019 12:58:06

Q&A with Stuart Allan

Dr Stuart Allan is one of the country’s most influential dentists who works as an adviser for the NHS as well as still practising clinically. He is the Chair of the Greater Manchester Federation of Local Dental Committees (LDCs) and was recently announced as Chair Elect for the national conference of LDCs. Jonathan Watson, Director on Christie & Co’s Medical team, who handled the sale of Dr Allan’s practice in the summer, talks to him about his views on the market.

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Care 21 April 2016

Housing through integration

As a society we want to provide the best quality care possible for our elderly relations. The delivery of good quality care is driven by many factors and, without doubt, the single most important ingredient is the “people” factor. The adult social care sector employs a huge wo...

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Michael Hodges
Managing Director - Care Consultancy
Hotels 15 April 2016

What's in a brand? Hotel brand switching, repositioning and re-flagging

Hotel brands are at the cutting edge of the space between the hotel business and the consumer and for this reason they are constantly in the spotlight.   Brands evolve over time, new brands appear and some brands merge, decline and disappear. For investors there is a real requ...

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Tom Holt-Wilson
Dental Practices 12 April 2016

The rise in private dentistry

As anybody who has been looking for an NHS practice knows, it's a fiercely competitive part of the market which has seen dramatic price increases in recent years. The lure of 'guaranteed' income draws many first time buyers and owners into the sector almost to the exclusion of...

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Simon Hughes
Managing Director - Medical
Retail 07 April 2016

Forecourt Future

If we think back to petrol stations of the 1980’s and early 90’s they bear little resemblance to modern forecourts. Back then we had attended pumps (‘just put in a fiver’s worth’!), small kiosks largely selling Yorkies and Silk Cut and windscreen wipers and mobile phones so bi...

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Hotels 04 April 2016

Don't be afraid of dwindling Chinese investment

‘The Chinese are leaving the UK’ is a regular statement seen in the media of late. With political uncertainty plaguing the Asian superpower and levels of caution rising, should the UK hotel sector be concerned? The short answer is no; the truth is that Asian investment, com...

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Joanne Jia
Head of Asia
Pubs 01 April 2016

Getting back in the habit

The modern small freeholder has a right old time of trying to make a business work. If it isn’t the effect of cheap supermarket booze offers, then it’s the Sky+ create-your-own culture that encourages people to stay at home with a bottle of wine and watching a TV schedule they...

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Neil Morgan
Senior Director Pubs & Restaurants