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None | 26/11/2020 22:37:24

How will the new COVID-19 Restriction Tiers affect hospitality businesses?

Last week, as part of his Winter Plan announcement, the Prime Minister confirmed that the national restrictions in England will end on 2 December and that the country will move into a stricter three-tier system when we exit lockdown.

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Hotels 24 August 2016

The North West Hotels market will reap huge rewards from an influx of interest and capital

Largely unscathed by the shock of the Brexit vote, the North West of England remains a buoyant regional marketplace for hotels. If anything, there have been positive repercussions for the area over the past few months. As far as where buyers are looking to acquire, Manchest...

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Ryan Lynn
Director - Hospitality
Dental Practices 23 August 2016

Deferred Consideration - A necessary evil?

We have written before about the typical structure of a private dental practice sale and the likelihood, even in today’s strong market, that anybody selling will be required to defer a percentage of the sale price for a period of time. But how does deferred consideration work ...

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Simon Hughes
Managing Director - Medical
Childcare & Education 18 August 2016

No post-Brexit blues for the day nursery sector

Despite media reporting of the impending doom and gloom in some sectors of the UK property market, the activity that we’ve seen this year makes it clear that this potential misery will not be applying to the day nursery market. Throughout 2016, we’ve seen that confidence in...

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Courteney Donaldson
Managing Director - Child Centric Sectors
Pubs 10 August 2016

Pub owners: everything you need to know about assets of community value

A concept intended to empower local communities by enabling them to take ownership of the assets within them,  ACVs are in theory a good idea. However, if you’re a pub owner and your pub has been listed as an ACV (or there is an attempt to list it), there are some things you s...

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Simon Chaplin
Senior Director - Corporate Pubs and Restaurants
Hotels 02 August 2016

Asian investors are seeking bargains after EU referendum

It has been more than a month since the EU referendum, and although many overseas investors intend to wait and see until better understanding of Britain’s future after Brexit and further renegotiations are settled, many investors view this as a rare opportunity and seek any ba...

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