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Posted by:
Jamie Savage
Associate Director
Care | 29/07/2021 09:05:44

A step towards stability in Scottish care home design?

Comments on the latest Draft Care Home for Adults Design Guide by Jamie Savage (Associate Director – Care Valuation Services, Christie & Co)

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Pubs 27 October 2016

This was the year that wasn't

We all had such high hopes for 2016, but the reality is that it all turned out to be a bit of a damp squib. Independent pub deals are still happening, and we see the occasional acquisition and expansion by one of the smaller multi site operators, but the big deals just have...

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Neil Morgan
Senior Director Pubs & Restaurants
Dental Practices 14 October 2016

The changing face of valuation

Historically dental practices have been valued on multiples of turnover, or 'pence in the pound' as it's sometimes known. However, the market is becoming much more sophisticated and this is leading to a change in the methodology used by professional valuers. The main change...

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Simon Hughes
Managing Director - Medical
Retail 05 October 2016

Bold decisions will reap rewards

The convenience retail sector is still growing at a rate of around 5% per year and is now worth over £37bn to the UK economy but it would probably be an understatement to say that 2016 has been a very tough year for retailers in Scotland. Competition was high, and the indep...

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Pubs 03 October 2016

Scottish pubs market continues to weather the storms

2016 to date has largely been positive for the Scottish pub market, with Christie & Co witnessing the growing appetite for licensed trade premises across the nation despite some challenges. Scotland is a unique area. With the exception of a few large cities and towns, it is ...

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