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CHOW 2024: Activity & event ideas

If you have signed your care home up for Care Home Open Week 2024, or are considering signing up, but are unsure what to do to get your residents involved in the celebrations, here is a list of things to consider…

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Lee Howard

Lee Howard

Regional Director

Care Home Open Week 2024: Activity and event ideas


With so much going on in the home day-to-day, and lots of residents to care for, planning an event at your care home can seem a bit daunting, which is why the team at NAPA has created a helpful step-by-step guide just for Care Home Open Week (CHOW), which you can read here.


Get your home ready for CHOW with colourful paper decorations. These step-by-step guides are fun and easy for your residents to follow:


With Wimbledon, the Euros 2024, and the Paris Olympics all happening this summer, why not get your home involved in a summer of sports!

Click here for your sport-inspired activity pack which includes -

  • Olympic cup stacking – a great physical activity that can support dexterity and hand-eye coordination.
  • Wimbledon quiz – engaging individuals in a quiz about Wimbledon is a wonderful way to spark their curiosity, stimulate their memory, and create an enjoyable and interactive experience. NAPA has come up with all the questions and answers which you can find on pages 7 and 15.
  • Seated football match – this is a modified version of the sport that allows individuals with varying physical abilities to participate and enjoy the game.
  • Euros 2024 Word Scramble – everyone can enjoy unscrambling the fun, football-related words.

For more information about Care Home Open Week 2024 and to register your home for the event, click here.

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