Coronavirus News

We endeavour to keep you up to date with the impact of Covid-19 on our sectors and our clients. We hope to work with you and support you through these turbulent times.


We have supported our clients through many difficult moments since 1935 (as has our Group since 1846) and whilst we are facing serious unprecedented times now, we remain available to support clients through the lifecycle of their business, especially in challenging times such as these.

 Due to the nature of our business and the volume of clients, general public and other colleagues we come into contact with, we are closely monitoring the Government guidelines regarding the Coronavirus pandemic. Whilst we are continuing to offer the same high quality of service, we are mindful that certain areas of the business will need to adapt to the current circumstances.

 Our ultimate priority is the safety, health and wellbeing of all our employees and clients and our actions will centre around this. With that in mind, we are in the process of implementing our business continuity plan to transition smoothly to a working from home policy for all our staff. We will ensure that you’ll continue to receive the responsiveness you expect from our team and we remain available to assist you through these challenging times.

 We have already substituted face-to-face meetings with regular video and phone calls with clients, and we’ll continue to adapt to future government guidance regarding meetings and social interaction.

 We work across multiple European markets who are all experiencing different local situations and we continue to be in regular contact with our colleagues and clients globally.

 For now, please keep safe and we look forward to working through this with you.

If you have any questions about your business or would like to reach out for any support, please contact any of our team. 

 Darren Bond

 Global Managing Director

 T: +44 7764 378685

 E: darren.bond@christie.com

Richard Lunn
Managing Director - Care

T: +44 7768 646 989
E: richard.lunn@christie.com


Nick Brown
Regional Director

T: +44 20 7227 0700
E: nick.brown@christie.com

Courteney Donaldson
Managing Director - Childcare & Education

T: +44 7831 099 985
E: courteney.donaldson@christie.com


Brian Sheldon
Regional Director

T: +447764 241 315
E: brian.sheldon@christie.com

Paul Graham
Head of Dental

T: +44 7739 876 621
E: paul.graham@christie.com


David Lee
Regional Director

T: +447764 241 337
E: david.lee@christie.com

Carine Bonnejean
Managing Director - Hotels

T: +447921 063 548
E: carine.bonnejean@christie.com


Ed Bellfield
Regional Director

T: +447713 061171
E: ed.bellfield@christie.com

Jon Patrick
Head of Leisure & Development

T: +44 7831 263 529
E: jon.patrick@christie.com


Lee Howard
Regional Director

T: +447764 241339
E: lee.howard@christie.com

Simon Hughes
Managing Director - Medical

T: +44 776 8646 983
E: simon.hughes@christie.com


Rob Kinsman
Regional Director

T: +447717 335 367
E: rob.kinsman@christie.com

Tony Evans
Head of Pharmacy

T: +447721 884 386
E: tony.evans@christie.com


Lukas Hochedlinger
Managing Director Central & Northern Europe

T: +49 173 651 03 52
E: lukas.hochedlinger@christie.com

Stephen Owens
Managing Director – Pubs & Restaurants

T: +44 7968 004 550
E: stephen.owens@christie.com


Inmaculada Ranera
Managing Director to Spain and Portugal

T: +34 627 410 671
E: inma.ranera@christie.com

Simon Chaplin
Senior Director - Corporate Pubs and Restaurants

T: +44 7764 241 351
E: simon.chaplin@christie.com


Philippe Bijaoui
Managing Director to France

T: +33 645 622 412
E: philippe.bijaoui@christie.com

Steve Rodell
Managing Director - Retail

T: +44 7738 182 407
E: steve.rodell@christie.com


Kimmo Virtanen
Director – Scandinavia, Russia and the Baltic States
T: +358 403 581 414
E: kimmo.virtanen@christie.com

John Mitchell
Managing Director - Christie Finance

T: +44 7974 265 259
 E: john.mitchell@christiefinance.com
Walter Murray
Managing Director - Christie Insurance

T: +44 7738 182 412
E: walter.murray@christie.com