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Courteney Donaldson participates in the ‘The Annual Large Providers Group 2015’ event

Today Courteney Donaldson, Director and Head of Child Centric Sectors at Christie + Co attends the Connect Childcare ‘The Annual Large Providers Group 2015’ event. Here she discusses her role in the event:

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This evening I will be presenting the pre-dinner speech covering a market update including supply and demand specifically looking at buying and selling a nursery business or group; how values are appraised and what buyers look for; the importance of exit preparation and process; leases and licenses’ and how to improve terms and increase the value of the asset ahead of implementing the exit process.

I’ll also look at the role of technology in improving business performance and the impact that technology can have on the value of a nursery business.

Finally, I’ll be reviewing topical industry considerations including the positives and negatives of the new Living Wage and the increase in free childcare entitlement from 15 to 30 hrs per week and her outlook for Q3/4 2014 and 2015.

I’d encourage those in the early year sectors to participate in the below survey and call for evidence:
The NDNA living wage nursery survey closes this Friday:

Government call for evidence regarding the increase in free entitlement closes 10th August:

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