10/19/2022 | Childcare & Education

Day Nursery Market Insight: Midlands

Associate Director, Jassi Sunner, shares insight into the day nursery market in the Midlands…


Image: Tom Podmore for Unsplash

Who’s selling?

There remains a shortage of day nurseries on the market in the Midlands, as buyer demand continues to outstrip supply.

We’re seeing a slight shift in some owners’ priorities following the stress of trading through the pandemic, which is causing some to contemplate early retirement, which may result in more stock coming to the market in the near future.

Who’s buying?

There has been an increase in the number of business owners from other sectors who are keen to enter into this rewarding, needs-driven sector and acquire their first day nursery setting. This type of buyer is often popular with sellers as their business background means there are generally fewer financial hurdles.

Recruitment challenges are causing some of the smaller groups, especially those in rural areas, to acquire with a bit more caution, with many temporarily putting acquisition plans on hold until these challenges improve. However, bigger groups, which tend to be less impacted by such challenges as there is generally more flexibility around staffing when you own lots of settings, are continuing to acquire throughout the region...

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