9/26/2022 | Dental Practices

Dentistry continues to be an attractive market for investors

Having worked in Christie & Co’s Medical team for almost 10 years, I’ve seen the dental market evolve massively.


Some of the common themes have remained consistent are -

  • The lack of supply over demand which has resulted in favourable conditions for a seller
  • Continued appetite from first-buyers, independent multi-site operators, established corporates, and, most recently, from Private Equity firms

Despite headwinds from both the economy and governance within the profession, interest from investors in acquiring dental businesses is at an all-time high.

Market recovery

It feels like historic news now, but it’s still worth congratulating how quickly the profession adjusted to the shock of the pandemic. The journey to recovery and reinvention was a significant focus, and a lot of progress has been made since practices reopened in the summer of 2020. The sector has turned massive challenges into meaningful change and it’s evident that COVID-19 has placed a heightened emphasis on oral health.

The transactional market mimicked this trajectory – it began to heal shortly after dentistry re-opened and has continued to do so ever since. Demand for dental practices from a range of buyer types was driven by the booming trading conditions which many practice owners benefited from, as it drove an increase in average sale prices of 8.6% in 2021.

This level of market activity resumed into 2022, and dentistry continues still to be a highly attractive sector for investors, helped by the increased awareness of oral health and the boom in cosmetic and aesthetic treatments...

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