Pizza Hut Delivery expands further with nine group partnership secured

Specialist business property advisor, Christie & Co is delighted to announce Pizza Hut Delivery has entered into a new partnership with Nine Group that will see them open 40 new Pizza Hut locations across the UK. Through this new partnership, Nine Group will also become the franchisee for 31 existing Pizza Hut Delivery and Express Huts.


The expansion will bring considerable investment to local communities as Nine Group will expand Pizza Hut by 30 Delivery and 10 Express Huts in the next three years, creating 800 new jobs and growth opportunities for new and existing team members. The first new Hut is due to open in the Merryhill Centre in Dudley as a Pizza Hut Express in December.

Pizza Hut in the UK is available to its customers in three different forms:

  • Pizza Hut Delivery: An extensive menu of pizzas, sides and desserts is available for delivery or collection from Huts located in town centres and high streets across the UK. Customers can enjoy freshly prepared meals with family and friends in the comfort of their own home
  • Pizza Hut Express: With only a five-minute wait, customers can enjoy their food as either carry-out or express service eat-in. Located in shopping centres or similar busy locations, Pizza Hut Express is designed for convenience
  • Pizza Hut Restaurants: Customers can enjoy a traditional restaurant experience in Pizza Hut’s dine-in arm. Pizza Hut Restaurants is fully franchised in the UK and run by CEO Jens Hofma

This partnership is another step towards Pizza Hut Delivery’s significant growth plans in the UK and Europe. In November 2020, Pizza Hut Delivery announced plans to open 125 new locations over a three-year period – creating around 2,000 additional jobs.

Pizza Hut has operated as a franchisor in the UK since 1973. This announcement builds on Pizza Hut’s position as the franchisor of choice enabling franchisees to build, run and invest in successful businesses. Franchising allows Pizza Hut to grow globally and maintain the flexibility and regional touch of an independent local business.

Pizza Hut Delivery has invested in new ways to delight its customers and regularly brings exciting new products to its menu. This year, it launched the Beyond Meat meat-free range as well as the roast dinner pizza. Pizza Hut continues to respond to consumer demand with options including lower-calorie flatbreads as well as providing calorie information on the website.

UK customers have continued to respond well to Pizza Hut’s menu. During the height of lockdown in 2020, Pizza Hut Delivery UK delivered more than 565,000 additional meals (March – early July) than in the same period in 2019. Sales continued to grow and Pizza Hut Delivery saw double digit year on year sales growth in the second half of 2020, with sales continuing to grow throughout 2021.

Neil Manhas, General Manager at Pizza Hut Delivery in the UK, comments, “We are so excited to be partnering with Nine Group to grow our business, create opportunities for our Team Members and continue investing in our brand. They have a great track record of success in the hotel business and their growth mindset and commitment to customer excellence makes them well placed to continue to grow with Pizza Hut Delivery. We welcome Nine Group to the Pizza Hut family with Vivek and his team already hitting the ground running, kicking off the launch of their first new Pizza Hut Express in Dudley very shortly.

“This partnership is a testament to the growth we have seen this year, as well as the incredible work of each of our team members who have brought us through a challenging 18 months, and I cannot thank them enough for their hard work.”

Vivek Chadha, Managing Director at Nine Group says, “This partnership gives Nine Group the chance to diversify into an area which has seen significant growth during the pandemic and we are thrilled to be working with Pizza Hut; benefiting from a strong brand with a heritage of innovation. Nine Group will be responsible for operating the Pizza Hut Delivery and Express Huts across London and we will concentrate our plans to expand the network further across London and the South East. We are eager to embrace the multi-channel strategy of Pizza Hut Delivery, giving the customer what they want, how they want it.

“At Nine Group our experience in hospitality has taught us the value of being part of the communities we operate in and we welcome the opportunity to provide extra jobs and build teams.”

Simon Chaplin, Senior Director at Christie & Co says, “Despite the difficulties that some sections of the hospitality industry has faced we are still finding that demand is outstripping the supply of available property, confirming that hospitality is a great sector to invest in whilst many owners are staying put and enjoying a resurgence in sales. The sale of this package to a hotel operator once again proves that Christie & Co’s outreach to those not previously active in the world of franchising is creating great interest.”

Pizza Hut Delivery is continuing to grow, seeking new locations across the UK with business property adviser Christie & Co. 



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