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Dental Practices 22 February 2021

Dental Market Review 2020 / 2021 Publication Notification

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Hotels 26 November 2020

UK Hotel Market Covid-19 Impact and Recovery

  The ongoing COVID 19 pandemic has caused social and economic disruption on a global scale and brought the international travel, tourism, airline and hotel sectors to a virtual standstill. The constant changes in the evolution and suppression of the virus’ continued r...

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Hotels 17 November 2020

Lapland Market Update

Kimmo Virtanen Director Scandinavia, Russia and the Baltic States M +358 40 358 1414 E Reinis Ludins Consultant Scandinavia, Russia and the Baltic States M +358 40 717 1670 E   ...

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Dental Practices 04 November 2020

Dental Market Update | October 2020

As we head into the final months  of 2020 with the impact of COVID-19 continuing to change the way we operate within our personal lives and in the workplace, now is a good opportunity to provide you with our latest update and insight into the dental market, providing clarity a...

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Hotels 02 October 2020

The Baltic Hotel Market Update

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has placed the hotel industry into an unprecedented situation. The pandemic that started in Wuhan, China, at the end of 2019 and spread globally, has significantly limited all forms of travel, reinforced by government-imposed restrictions on mobility and border closures.

Pubs 30 September 2020

Focus on Pubs and Restaurants | September 2020

PUB AND RESTAURANT MARKET TRENDS The hospitality sector has been one of the worst hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet reassuringly against this backdrop, we continue to see an uptick in market activity.                                           The government has ...

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Retail 15 September 2020

Focus on Retail | September 2020

RETAIL MARKET TRENDS Since the onset of COVID-19 the operational performance of many convenience retailers has improved, with income increasing by an average of 40% year on year, as communities have recognised the benefits of shopping locally. This has led to an increased...

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Childcare & Education 18 August 2020

An A- Z of Acronyms in the Business Transfer Industry

  A   APA Asset Purchase Agreement The legal agreement made between a buyer and a seller that finalises terms and conditions related to the purchase and sale of a company’s assets. For nursery businesses the most notable asset will be the pr...

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Hotels 23 July 2020

Hotels Market Review

RECOVERY CAN FINALLY START In March 2020, the world virtually halted. Hotels, pubs and restaurants around the country closed – an unprecedented cataclysm in the UK hotel sector. Various government measures were implemented to support the industry and save as many bus...

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Pharmacies 15 July 2020

What is the impact of COVID 19 on the pharmacy sector?

  How have the measures impacted the sale and acquisition of pharmacies? Whilst pharmacy has faired better than many business sectors, the speed at which social distancing and lockdown measures were implemented, as fears grew as to the likely impact of Covid 19, presen...

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