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12 March 2020 | Hotels

The French Hotel Market Report

Hotel Market Report on key French regions, starting with the main Île de France markets including Paris, la Défense, Petite Couronne and Grande Couronne.

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Download the reports here, we will be releasing more regional reports in the next couple of weeks: 


Paris and Île-de-France Hotel Report

Philippe Bijaoui
Managing Director France, Benelux, Italy

T +33 (0) 1 53 96 72 83
Jean Christophe Charolle
Regional Manager North East & Paris

T: +33 (0) 6 13 38 77 34
E: jean
This report analyses the main Île-de-France markets including Paris, la Défense, Petite Couronne and Grande Couronne, highlighting the development of their main hotel performance indicators in 2019.

With c. 12.2 million inhabitants, 31% of the country’s GDP and c. 108 million passengers travelling via its airports in 2019, Île-de-France is France’s most influent area. Whether it be in terms of population, tourism supply and demand, lodging supply, performance levels or impact on the French economy and sector. Paris and its region have experienced a robust economic recovery following 2015/2016 security issues over the past few years. While 2019 shows signs of growth slowdown linked to the challenging social context, the region remains one of the most attractive destinations worldwide. In the meantime, the area is undergoing major regeneration works, with some of Europe’s largest urban plans ever launched such as “Grand Paris Express” or “Inventonsla Métropole” projects. The first buildings and infrastructures are slowly being delivered and will lead to increased appeal and improved urban connectivity across all territories.

Throughout this report, we analyse the economic, tourism and hotel profile of each area using public information sources including AtoutFrance, INSEE, OTCP, CRT, CCI as well as hotel performance data (Observatoire MKG Consulting / OK_destination), and Christie & Co’sknowledgeof eachmarket.

Interest in the area from both domestic and international hotel groups remains high. Inner Paris prevails as the main catalyst, yet the city shows the lowest yields in Europe alongside London. In the hunt for larger margins and higher yields both operators and investors have started to expand within the “Portes” of Paris, the Inner Rim (Petite Couronne) and even Outer Rim locations (Grande Couronne). Thus leading to a decentralization of the Parisian hotel pipeline and a diversification of the hotel stock across all territories.