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04 November 2020 | Dental Practices

Dental Market Update | October 2020

Following the reopening of dental practices in June, the dental market has not only recovered but rebounded, with a significant increase in demand for all practice types.

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As we head into the final months  of 2020 with the impact of COVID-19 continuing to change the way we operate within our personal lives and in the workplace, now is a good opportunity to provide you with our latest update and insight into the dental market, providing clarity around the sorts of trends we are seeing and an overview of our recent activity. 

We know from speaking to the market there are two key questions that need answering:

  • Are there buyers out there looking for practices? ​
  • How will practices be valued given the fact they were closed for three months?


Our market report explores the answers to these questions whilst also reviewing the following subjects:

  • Buyer activity and offer levels
  • Current practice values and deal structure
  • The funding appetite for dental practices

For answers to these questions and an overview of our activity, click below: