Pub Property Advice

A staple of British culture, a pub can be a profitable investment and make you a community fixture.

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell, at Christie & Co we can help you find an existing business at a great price, negotiate a lease agreement, attract prospective buyers, or secure a successful sale of your pub business.

Looking to buy a pub or licensed trade business? Get started by reviewing our range of UK pub businesses for sale.

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Professional advice for buying a Pub

Our list of UK pubs for sale offers a carefully-curated selection. If we can’t vet a business, we won’t add it to our range. Whether you’re first-time business buyers or not, if we can’t find the right pub for you today, we keep things easy by emailing prospective buyers any new additions that match your chosen criteria.

Once you’ve let us know that you’re looking to buy a business, you can sit back, relax, and focus on something else knowing that this part is covered. Sooner or later, we’ll deliver a prime opportunity.

Our experts will talk you through the entire sales process. In addition to guiding you, we can help you raise the capital to fund your purchase (or find you a refinancing deal through our sister company Christie Finance).

Attract potential buyers when selling your Pub

Trying to sell a pub? If you’re already a publican and you’re interested in selling your business, positioning it correctly is a matter of great importance — and we can make sure everything is done right. We’ll arrange for a member of our team to visit you at a convenient time and advise you on the selling process to secure a great final sale price.

We offer this advice completely for free and with no obligations attached. Anything you disclose to us about your plans will be entirely confidential. We do this because we know what we bring to the table and we’re confident that you’ll choose to work with us.

The right person to get the ball rolling on this process is Stephen Owens, our Managing Director of Pubs and Restaurants. You can reach him using the following contact information:

Stephen Owens

Managing Director – Pubs & Restaurants

+44 7968 004 550

Formal business valuations plus other advisory services

With broad experience serving the pub sector, our chartered surveyors bring so much to the table. Here’s a small selection of services they can offer you, whether you’re buying or selling:

  • Valuing properties in accordance with RICS standards
  • Reviewing established rent arrangements
  • Analysing and rating real-estate portfolios
  • Helping to resolve legal property disputes
  • Assessing and advising on business rates
  • Guiding you on MRO (market rent only) options

Our Pub and Restaurant Consultancy Team works with a wide range of clients selling businesses, from the smallest independent operators to the largest corporations. Equipped with encyclopaedic knowledge of the social, financial and political factors affecting the market, we can supply expert advice to help you make the right decisions.

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