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Convenience stores are community staples, earning revenue at a steady rate. Build upon that stability by purchasing a convenience store.

Whatever happens in the business world, convenience stores produce stable returns. And while the rise of online shopping and budget retailers has created a challenging environment, store owners willing to get creative can thrive regardless. 

In the current economic climate, a convenience store for sale presents a tempting opportunity. Buying a grocery store or an off license can really pay off.

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Buying a convenience store provides a big opportunity

Rising operating costs and restrictions facing brick-and-mortar retail continue to put pressure on store owners, pushing them to adapt their operations. Those unwilling or unable to innovate are choosing to sell their businesses and move on. The result is an array of excellent opportunities for entrepreneurs with the hunger and enthusiasm to change things up.

As experts in the convenience retail market, we proudly work alongside trade organisations — including the Association of Convenience Stores (ACS) — to identify and list convenience stores for sale in the UK. Bringing a wealth of experience to bear, we value stores carefully to ensure that they’re presented accurately.

Types of convenience shops on offer

Our expert team lines up purchasing opportunities for various types of convenience stores, but there are four kinds in particular that we tend to focus on.

Perhaps the simplest type of convenience store, the newsagent has gone from concentrating on news to providing a broad service for people who live nearby. The number of viable revenue streams is exciting: you can decide what you want to sell.For people who want to save money on alcohol by drinking at home, off-licenses are neighbourhood staples. Given that alcohol is one of the most reliable markets there is, investing in an off-license can give you a fantastic foundation for long-term success.

Post officesSupermarkets
The demand for national and international shipping is higher than ever. Factor in the other services that can easily be offered through a post office (such as dropping off returns) and you have a strong prospect.Depending on the local competition, even a small supermarket can prove immensely profitable. If you can find an underserved area and implement some sensible changes, you can yield an impressive income.

How to choose the right convenience store

If you’re hunting for a grocery shop for sale, do you know what type of store you want to find? They vary significantly, with each having a distinct set of pros and cons. Take a close look at the available businesses and think carefully about how you’d run them.

A supermarket, for instance, will take much more work to manage than an off-license due to the many suppliers and the rate at which certain items sell relative to others. Additionally, people are far more likely to buy alcohol in person than online, whereas online grocery shopping has grown significantly. If you’re looking for sheer stability, an off-license is tempting.

At the same time, off-licenses are impacted massively by the fortunes of pubs and clubs. If local destinations dip their alcohol prices, it can lead to huge drops in sales. Supermarkets, of course, sell items that are always in demand, and there will always be people who don’t want to buy their staple groceries online.

Overall, there’s no one-size-fits-all convenience store model. Only by looking through all the available businesses and narrowing down your specific needs can you reach a decision. If you need assistance, though, let us know. We’ll be happy to help.

The evolution of the convenience store model

Owners of small stores face some key challenges. Operating costs keep going up, while foot traffic is limited by general high-street struggles and the success of online grocery services. But this isn’t killing the potential of old-fashioned convenience stores. Instead, it’s giving them ample chances to adapt how they work — and buying a business will let you get in on the action.

You could build your convenience business around click-and-collect ordering, for instance, combining the ease of online retail with the reliability and social value of a classic grocery store. Another option is to mix a core retail operation with service provisions. This is particularly common for post offices, but the model can be applied in any situation.

There’s even the prospect of bringing in a chef and turning a convenience store into a combined store and eatery (ideally with branded merchandise for sale). It’s all about finding ways to incentivize — and profit from — shoppers stopping by in person. This is difficult, of course, but hugely rewarding in an era of online-only selling. There’s always value in standing out.

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