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Dispute Resolution

It is difficult to make the judgement to take a commercial dispute further, but effective dispute resolution can help to reduce costs, stress and save time.

The question of whether to have recourse to the law is one of the more difficult judgements our clients have to make. When it involves business or commercial property issues, sound advice is vital - we can provide that advice.

From professional negligence to the impact on value of tenure defects and land contamination, our experts have advised major corporate clients, solicitors, private owners and operators alike.

When appointed as expert witnesses, our professionals work to the exacting standards required by the courts; all have experience of writing expert reports, advising Counsel and providing evidence at court. Our valuers are suitably trained with our most senior experts having undergone appropriate training as an RICS Accredited Expert Witness. 

Additionally, our Valuation Services has a team of specialist surveyors, all of whom not only provide balanced opinion but can identify opportunities for the negotiation and successful resolution of matters prior to court.