Franchise Overview

Franchising continues to expand across a number of the sectors in which Christie & Co operate. There are now over 48,000 franchised businesses trading throughout the UK, an increase of 25% in 10 years

Our 80 plus years of expertise is invaluable when it comes to franchising where the established nature of the business is one of the most important factors. Whether you are selling, buying or require valuation of a franchise business then our in-depth knowledge of the fundamentals that makes it a success are key in your decision making.

What is a franchise?

Opening a new business can be a daunting task, and one full of risk, with hopefully rewards at the end of it. Taking a Franchise can mitigate the risk. Franchisees will gain the benefits of being part of a larger operation that has an established brand in its sector, marketing support, purchasing power and training to help turn their investment into a profitable enterprise quickly. A Franchise will normally be for a term of 5 years and the franchisee pays an initial fee at the outset and then an ongoing monthly fee which is usually a fixed amount or a percentage of turnover. In return, the owner of the brand (the franchisor), provides everything they need to start and run their business successfully.

The provision of ongoing support is a vital element. Whilst the franchisee is the owner of the business, it is the franchisor’s system and brand that the franchisee is operating under, so it is in their interest to constantly maintain and improve the business.

How can we help?

We can help you as a franchisor to either sell your existing company of franchises or source new regional franchisees looking to take on new territories.

As a franchisee we have successfully sold groups of existing branded franchises to either existing franchisees or new entrants looking to gain a foothold through the purchase of an existing portfolio of successful franchises. Invariably in most cases we have created a competitive marketplace so helping secure the best possible price.

Our expertise also crosses into valuations, either of the business, property, or investment as well as lease advisory work, rent reviews and arbitration.

Successes in these areas include:

  • Sale of a company trading 27 Pizza Hut Delivery franchises in the Northwest & Midlands
  • Securing a new franchisee for 31 Pizza Hut Delivery sites operated by YUM!
  • Sourcing new multi-site franchisees for expanding brand Sushi Shop for European franchisors AmRest
  • Site finding and franchisee search for YUM! seeking new delivery stores
  • Advisory and valuations of two packages of 29 various KFC sites for operators around the UK
  • Valuation of “High Street” McDonalds and KFC sites for investment purchases
  • Acquisition of a site on behalf of a leading franchisee for a new KFC franchise in Fleet Street London
  • Sale of Subway franchises sites, both individually and as groups
  • Valuation of Burger King, Costa Coffee, Domino’s Pizza, Greggs, KFC, McDonalds, Starbucks and Subway franchises for funding and sale purposes.