Businesses For Sale in Southampton

Anyone can start their own business, and when you find an exciting opportunity in a great location, making the investment can be very profitable. Why not increase your search radius to Southampton? With a rising number of businesses in the city, the demand could be perfect for a thriving company.

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The right location will hugely contribute to your annual net profit, whether you’re growing a franchise or starting your first business. Take a look at our business listings for sale in Southampton today and find a premises that suits your needs.

Why is Southampton an excellent location for business?

Southampton has always been an excellent business location. The area is known for its contribution to international trade as one of the major UK ports on the south coast, but on solid ground, the city has a sizable population of over 250,000 and a thriving student demographic.

No matter what business sector you’re interested in, there are plenty of opportunities to put your stamp on the area. Finding a commercial property for sale around Southampton could be a very smart move and with the right approach, you can make a healthy net profit and even franchise your business. 

You can find owners selling businesses across all major industries and in many well established locations across the city. Whatever your search criteria, Southampton offers a strong customer base for investments across care homes, dental practices, retail, hotels, restaurants, leisure, and more, so it could be an ideal location to launch or grow your business.

Find a business for sale in Southampton

At Christie & Co, we’re experts in buying and selling businesses. Discover your first investment opportunity on a leasehold basis or grow your existing chain to a new location.  We can help you find the best options in Southampton, including:


There’s always a demand for retail businesses in Southampton and the surrounding area, whether it’s a convenience store or a petrol station. As valuable assets to the local area, you can gain a steady stream of income from loyal customers.


Whether you find a pub in a residential area or in a busy city centre location, Southampton is a great sales area for pubs, with students and locals providing a steady footfall and an opportunity to turn a healthy net profit.

Convenience store

Even small convenience stores, newsagents, and off licences can turn a significant net profit if run well. A local and well-stocked shop will soon become an asset, especially in a residential area or busy high street.


The leisure sector offers a unique opportunity for creating something special in a local area. Southampton has a diverse population, so whether you’re interested in developing a wedding venue, spa, music venue, or something else, you can acquire an exciting leisure establishment for sale in Hampshire.

Childcare & Education

Nurseries and schools are great businesses to invest in. Not only can they become very well known in a local area, but as the owner you can make an excellent net profit in this market.

Why choose Christie & Co to find businesses for sale in Southampton? 

Our knowledgeable and dedicated team at Christie & Co will provide you with the latest advice on your commercial premises search in Southampton. Finding your next investment or becoming a first time business owner requires expert support, and we’re here to support you.

We can help you:

  • Start a business in a new sector
  • Find your next business location in Hampshire 
  • Obtain a property with the best location for the market
  • Buy stores that have been recently refurbished

Start your business search today. Our wide range of listings include properties situated across the UK, including Southampton and the wider Hampshire area. Get in touch with us for more information about our services and available properties for purchase.