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Is it time to expand your existing business? Or are you ready to lease your first commercial property? Sheffield, South Yorkshire offers huge potential across all sectors. Find an exciting opportunity in this prime location today.

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Where you set up your business matters. The right area can help you secure a consistently good annual turnover and attract the right people from the local area. Browse our list of businesses for sale in Sheffield and find the right opportunity for you.

Why is Sheffield a good location for business?

Sheffield is a thriving city in South Yorkshire. Ranked the number one city for startups in the 2022 City Index, the city has an excellent reputation for developing new businesses and is famous for its Innovation District. This global centre for innovation and translational research spans over 20,000 acres and is a major driver of growth in the north of England and across the UK.

Plus, Sheffield also boasts an impressive business support network, with plenty of resources available to help startups get on their feet — from networking opportunities to mentoring programmes. The city council also offers free advice on everything from financial matters to legal issues, so it’s easy for entrepreneurs to tap into local expertise when needed. 

Whether you’re interested in opening a local convenience store or an exciting Japanese restaurant, you’ll have a rare opportunity to get set up in a prime location. Choose a city centre location and you’ll be easily accessible to everyone thanks to Sheffield's brilliant transport links — welcome local residents, students, tourists, and more.

Find businesses for sale in Sheffield

Starting a business in a new location can be tricky, but the experts at Christie & Co are here to help. We’ll review your specific needs and help you find the best business commercial opportunities available in Sheffield. 


Every major city requires good childcare. Look for a new daycare centre in Sheffield today — choose an area that’s easily accessible and deliver an excellent service to become a staple business in the city.


Are you looking for new premises for your restaurant or top quality takeaway? There’s huge potential in opening up a restaurant in Sheffield, with locals and visitors crying out for modern eateries, convenient takeaways, and cafes.


From newsagents to supermarkets, retail stores can quickly generate a healthy annual turnover. Pick the right spot and you have a superb opportunity to become a go-to for local residents and benefit from ample footfall year round.


There’s always a market for a good pub or bar, especially in a city with a thriving student population. Create the right atmosphere and deliver great customer service to keep your customers coming back.

Why choose Christie & Co to find a business for sale in Sheffield? 

Finding the right business is a big decision, but the dedicated Christie & Co team has the expertise to match your requirements to a business listing in an ideal location.

We can help you:

  • Secure your first commercial property lease 
  • Grow a business franchise with a new location
  • Find stores that have been recently refurbished
  • Obtain an ideally-located property

Start your business search today with a new lease in Sheffield. We also offer guidance for individuals looking to sell businesses in a range of industries. Ready to take advantage? Get in touch with us today for more information.